Beats and Eats Music Festival

Presented by Homegrown El Paso & 915 Live Productions

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Beats and Eats Music Festival

Sponsored by Rudolph Dealerships

Ascarate Park, Sept. 13

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Welcome our latest members

Welcome to Homegrown

Who are we?

El Paso is certainly not the only place in the country where the movement to support locally owned, independent businesses is growing. Groups similar to Homegrown El Paso have been formed all over the U.S. in recent years.

Many of these groups, including Homegrown El Paso, are members of the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA). AMIBA has over 35 member organizations all over the country from California to Maine. In 2007, the alliance hosted its first-ever annual gathering of local alliance members in Austin. Two Homegrown El Paso board members, Don Baumgardt and Ted Escobedo, paid their own travel expenses to attend the event and share ideas with peers from coast to coast.

Our Mission Statement

Homegrown El Paso in a membership organization that works to support the efforts of the El Paso area’s locally owned independent businesses to compete in an increasingly global environment. Homegrown El Paso educates the area’s population on the benefits of buying from local businesses, promotes the members of our organization as being locally owned, independent businesses, and educates our members to provide a level of product quality and service that earns the support of local consumers.


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